The world is global in ways we can’t imagine now. What started in a rather unknown city of China in Dec is in 112 countries by March.

We are no longer separated by land, water and air. We are connected by these very same elements.


We suffer more in imagination than we do in reality.

People, for most part, has been paranoid. Of course there is reason to worry, to take precautions.

However, the extent of ill information floating around, the desperate need for conspiracy theories, the mindless accumulation of masks and sanitizers and toilet paper – shows the fragility of the human mind, yet again.


The smartest, most capable individuals all across the world, would have made the most robust plans in December, for 2020.

None of these plans will materialise.

None of these plans will work.

It is not the one with the best plan that wins.

It is the one with the most responsive mindset that wins. The one who doesn’t fixate on the plan. Instead, realises the plan is the means. Not the end.