One of my team members shared this recently, during our 1:1.
As I reflected on it, I realised I was the same in my 20s.

However, over time, I have gotten wiser.

I realised that no one year completely changed the course of my life.
Yes, there were events that triggered a change.
But that change wasn’t sudden, and wasn’t dramatic.
It took time.

So here is a reminder:

Do not put the pressure of making 2024 the make or break year.
If things go your way, you will still face challenges going forward.
If things do not go your way, you will still find success sooner than later.

None of your decisions next year will determine your entire life.
They will determine a part of your life; a small part which may seem big to you today.

Instead of thinking of a year as THE year for you, think of it as yet another year for you.

You are bigger than any one year.
You are bigger than THE one year.

You got this :))