Are you being served too many of my ads?

At any point, I am running several ad campaigns on Google/YouTube/Facebook/Instagram to promote my courses.

All of these campaigns allow the advertiser to control the number of times an ad is shown to a user. That’s great.
UNFORTUNATELY (and shockingly!), it is not allowed across campaigns.
Which means if an advertiser is running multiple campaigns, there have NO WAY to limit the ads a user sees.

I understand that too many ads can get annoying. Which is why we have come up with this page.

By clicking the confirmation button below, you will get added to a list, that will be used to tell Google//YouTube/Facebook/Instagram to not show you my ads again.

How does it work?

Once you confirm, a cookie is placed in your browser, that is then used by the ad settings as part of a “do-not-include” list. Which means, if this cookie is there in the browser, do not show our ads on this browser.

Are there cases where this might not work?

Yes, there are a few situations where you may still see my ads, even though you have asked not to be shown these ads.

  1. You cleared your browser cookies (which is btw a good thing to do!). This means we do not any longer have a way of identifying you. So you will have to come back to this place and request to be added to the exclusion list.
  2. The ad campaign settings has some restrictions. Unfortunately there are some Instagram ad settings that do not allow any exclusion list, which means you might see the ad again.
  3. You are using an Apple device, which restricts Google/Facebook’s ability to track your cookies.