quotes from ankur warikoo

A pro is the amateur who showed up every day!

Curious minds ask. Eager minds answer. Brilliant minds listen.

To express anger, write angry letters. And don't send them!

We can never be understood. We can only be heard.

Start taking your life seriously and you start losing your friends.

You are wrong because you have allowed the world to convince you that you are wrong.

Money, in the hands of good people, is a good thing!

The goal is not to sound smart. The goal is to help understand.

The most valuable life is knowing how to be alone, but not have to.

It’s hard to realize that people who meant so much to you have now become toxic to you. It’s harder to let them go.

It doesn’t matter what time you wake up everyday. What matters is that you wake up at the same time everyday.

Who you are is not your fault. But it is certainly your responsibility.

The most valuable life is knowing how to be alone, but not have to.

If it can’t be explained in written, it can never be explained in spoken.

You don’t have to read books. You have to enjoy books.

This year, fall in love with yourself. And see yourself for who you truly are.

Failing is NOT a permanent condition. Calling yourself a failure is!

You can quit your current unhappy job/college/course and "waste" a year or two. Or not quit and waste your life!

As kids we didn't know many fears, we smiled at strangers, we played with anyone new, we smiled more often, we didn't worry about the future, didn't remember much about the past, we hugged, kissed, cuddled, didn't fear judgement. And then we became "adults"! What a decline!

If you have the courage to: know what you don’t know, accept the truth the way it is, and take risks, you are set.