quotes from ankur warikoo

A truly happy person will never troll anyone.

If you want to be successful, stop giving away your time to those who simply take it without asking you for it.

The face can be misleading. Fall in love with the mind.

Do not choose the person you learn from. Choose what you learn from them.

Stay away from people who bring out the worst in you. Even if it includes family.

It's perfectly normal to want to slow down in life.

It's ok to have a job and not want to startup. Just saying!

Pray for just one thing: That your parents live long enough to witness your success.

If you didn't come from a happy family, make sure a happy family comes from you.

There is such joy in connecting two people who can help each other.

We seek an apology but rarely forgive ourselves.

Courage hugs you in private.

Start taking your life seriously and you start losing your friends.

Stop trying to impress people with your epic life, and start living it.

If you want to be professionally successful, start making your boss’s life easier.

It's ok to want to be happy, instead of rich.

Patience doesn’t gamble

The voice in your head that is talking to you. That is not you!

A still body rots. A still mind grows.

You are never going to respect yourself until you are angry at someone else for taking it away.