quotes from ankur warikoo

Do not worry about what people will say, when you seek help. Instead, imagine who will you be, when you are helped.

Plan in real-time Execute in time lapse Reflect in slow motion

The pleasure you derive by blaming someone else, is misleading. You are still where you do not want to be.

Make relationships at work. Be genuinely interested in people.

Let go of credit when you need it the most. It will fortify you as a human being.

You do not become indispensable by wanting to be indispensable. You become indispensable by showing up and doing the hard things even when no one is watching.

Creativity rarely emerges in the presence of authority.

Don't force a destination upon something that is a journey.

You will discover your passion along the way. Not find it one fine day!

Act on the thoughts that keep you up at night.

It's exhausting to love those who don't love themselves, because they never believe somebody could love them so much!

Those with a routine never worry about losing a day.

You can't convince them. You can only convince yourself and let your work do the convincing!

Curiosity + Patience = Clarity

Act on the thoughts that keep you up at night.

If you can't laugh at yourself, you will cry when others do so!

Procrastination happens because we don't realize how little time we really have.

Success is having control over your time.

Procrastination is an emotional issue. Not a time issue!

You are expecting things too soon from yourself. Give yourself time to take things step by step.