quotes from ankur warikoo

To understand the world: read. To understand yourself: write.

Usually a good time to invest is when most people are scared of investing.

Anger's purpose is not to fix the unfulfilled need within you. It is simply to make you aware that there is an unfulfilled need within you.

Parenting: The toughest job in the world that no one is formally trained for.

If you are waiting for success to share your failure story, you have not yet understood failure well.

Every time I declared to the world that I am going to win, I invariably lost. Every time I shut the f up and worked, I invariably did well.

Don’t make your 30s hard for you by making your 20s easy for you.

Nothing beats a team that trusts each other. Nothing saves a team that doesn’t.

When you feel like giving up, it is not your capability that’s in question. It’s your view of the future.

If you offer help without permission, do not expect gratitude.

It is ridiculous how many smart people do not share their experiences with the world, because they think it’s too obvious!

Most relationships go bad when you help the other person without their permission, and are disappointed in them if they don't acknowledge.

Cheers to that night where we couldn't sleep at all, because it made us feel alive!

We are in a hurry to win life. So we postpone living it.

"I am a perfectionist" is not a virtue. It is a cage!

We will always be defined by our ability to handle uncertainty.

When we click pictures we are essentially telling our brain not to remember the moment.

If you are loved only when you are around, then it’s not love. It’s convenience.

The world is designed to benefit from your self doubt and fear. So it does everything to make you feel that way all the time.

If our body sits still, it decays. If our mind sits still, it grows.