quotes from ankur warikoo

Ignore the critics. Not the criticism.

The worst type of manager is the one who makes it incredibly tough for you to give them bad news.

One of the best ways to win in life is to own our happiness.

If you don't know how to achieve it again, it happened because of luck!

If you do not have the money, yet buy expensive items to show you have the money - you will never reach a spot where you will say "I have enough".

Nothing is more damaging than not being at peace with yourself.

You will learn your most valuable lessons from committing the very same mistakes you knew you should have avoided.

You will NEVER know if the decision is right or wrong, UNTIL you take the decision.

One of the biggest mistakes Indian parents make is to not teach us accountability at an early age, and then suddenly make us responsible for all our actions.

If you are not willing to take responsibility for your situation, you cannot use your situation as an excuse either.

If you are listening, you will never run out of ideas.

Spend more time appreciating others than you spend on waiting for others to appreciate you.

Nobody can affect you (positively and negatively) more than your parents.

If the climb is tough, but needs to be done, then ignore the mountain in front of you. Take the smallest possible step forward to get you started.

Confidence isn’t about thinking you are the best. It is about not needing to compare yourself with anybody else.

Eventually, every role ends up being about managing people. Every role.

Writing is the slowest form of expression. And that is why it works. When you write, you train yourself to pace your thoughts and select the most powerful one from all the thoughts that co-exist in that moment.

No. Binge watching is not relaxing you. It is numbing you.

Time is finite. Which is why you need learn how to manage it. Money is infinite. Which is why you need to learn how to grow it.

Advice is what we seek when we know the answer, but are scared to accept it.