quotes from ankur warikoo

Your feedback should help people win. Else it is just criticism.

Opportunities don't happen. You create them!

We continue to cling on to what we have. And are scared to let go. Because we do not know how to get it again!

What the world says will affect you, if you somewhere believe it to be true.

Strange how we give birth to kids. And then kill their curiosity!

It takes courage to choose a hard path. It takes even more courage to change that path, if it doesn't work.

Once you realize how little you actually need out of life, it ironically liberates you to get more out of life.

The ones who truly learn everything, do not start with wanting to learn everything.

The harder you think about why, how and where you need help, the better help you will receive.

The day one is able to fix their relationship with themselves, they give themselves the opportunity to fix all their relationships.

Most people don't want their problems to be solved by you. They just want to be heard by you.

Being aware of the fallacies we are susceptible to, makes us commit less of them.

Professionals stop growing the day they stop asking questions. Organizations stop growing the day they stop encouraging questions.

Sometimes all it takes for you to believe in yourself, is for someone else to believe in you.

Risk and failure is not absolute. It is a state of mind.

Our problems are the stories we tell ourselves of how everything will be fine once we get what we want.

We don’t have to agree with each other as long as we understand each other.