quotes from ankur warikoo

You continuing to live with a mistake isn’t going to fix the mistake. It’s going to make it worse!

When we are young, we think too much and calculate too little. As we grow older, we think too little and calculate too much.

Everyone experiences pain. But not everyone has to experience suffering.

Don’t waste your time on people who don’t value their time.

Don't wish for happiness. Work for it!

Most parents make it hard for their kids, by making it easy for them.

The most precious gift you can give yourself in our life, is to live it on your own terms, doing things that are truly you.

Your passion will make you money, once you ask "how does my passion help others?"

Ones who continue to grow in life are not the ones who make the best decisions. Instead, they are quick to change their decisions, once they stop growing.

It has become increasingly easy to start a company, to raise money, have a fancy office, great perks, get press, massive valuations, free lunch and bean bags. It remains intensely tough to build an institution where people love to come to work.

You are in love with yourself, when you are not affected by what people think of you.

The battle is in the mind.

When young, we will experience short-term pain. Because we are learning new things, forming new relationships, discovering a new self, facing your fears. If we avoid this short-term pain it converts into long-term regret.

We hold on to what we have because we don’t know how to get it again.

Parents are wrong not because they want to be wrong, they're wrong because every one of us will be wrong at some point.

"I am not ready" is an excuse to not do what you have to do.

Don’t be in a hurry to create impact. Be in a hurry to learn.

You can be anybody you wish to be, only if you know who you truly are.

Passion, when devoid of action, is not passion. It is day dreaming!

Anyone who makes you believe that you are stuck and helpless, is your enemy. That enemy could be you yourself!