quotes from ankur warikoo

The reason you are still in it, is because you do not know who you would be without it.

The reason it needs motivation, is because you do not feel progress when you do it.

The reason it is boring, is because you have to become someone else to do it!

The right questions generate curiosity. The wrong ones generate doubt.

When people say they are confused, they mostly mean they don’t even know what options they have.

You don't find time. You make time!

If you are scared of public speaking it is because you are speaking to the crowd. Not to yourself.

Do not wait for another moment to share what you felt in the moment!

When you catchup with friends after a really long time, you are basically looking at yourself in the past.

The more time you have to work on something, the more time you tend to waste before working on it.

The right mentor will never give you the answers. The wrong one will only have answers to give!

Just because it was easy for them doesn’t mean it will be for you. Just because it was hard for them doesn’t mean it will be for you.

You will never get distracted by something you do not desire.

When we are young, we think too much and calculate too little. As we grow older, we think too little and calculate too much.

Everyone experiences pain. But not everyone has to experience suffering.

It’s impossible to calm the mind with the mind.

When you help others, you release oxytocin in your body. It is the same chemical released when you fall in love with someone. Think about that, for a second.

We think that if we simplify things, we will lose our importance.

It is crazy how far you can go without stopping, if you love what you do.

When overthinking, we do not assign any probability to all the possibilities in our head. We think everything is equally probable.