quotes from ankur warikoo

"I need help!" 3 words that are not said enough.

We are taught to admire the extraordinary. But we are raised to become ordinary.

A wise man once said nothing.

Two things that will keep you going forever: Hope and patience.

Spectators obsess about the outcome. Sportspeople obsess about the process.

Love letters make relationships and cold emails make careers.

You are playing it wrong if you keep telling yourself "I deserve more". Don't get entitled.

Don't make your lack of preparation or capability an excuse to not get started!

Don't leave inspiration to chance.

If you are miserable in your current state and waiting for a safety net before you quit, then you are going to continue being miserable.

We will never be able to answer "what if?" We will only regret it!

People are not data points on an excel sheet.

If you are happy with who you are in life, nothing else matters. If you are not, nothing else will matter!

The biggest lie sold to us is that there is a deadline to achieve things in life.

Think of yourself as a student, in front of those who you follow. Think of yourself as a teacher, in front of those who follow you.

You are in the wrong relationship if it is your responsibility to keep the other person happy.

Money buys freedom. Freedom is a privilege.

A manager builds a team where it's obvious to figure who the manager is. A leader builds a team where it’s hard to figure who the leader is.

Accepting or rejecting feedback is your choice. Making yourself aware of the feedback isn’t a choice.

The biggest joy of building a startup is building the team.