quotes from ankur warikoo

At times all you need to know is that you are not alone in feeling what you are feeling.

We get good at whatever is it that we do everyday. And that could also include complaining.

If you hate your job, don’t expect the job to change. Either change yourself. Or your job.

We often confuse milestones with progress. When you complete a year at work, that’s a milestone. That may not mean progress.

If you politely decline an invitation stating it is not a priority currently, and the other side gets offended, it is a sign you did the right thing!

Take criticism seriously. But not personally.

Problem is that you want everything tomorrow.

You won’t get out of laziness for something you don’t want to do.

To share what you have, is the best way to cherish what you have.

At times all you need to know is that you are not alone in feeling what you are feeling.

You can't have simple solutions to end tough relationships.

Calmness is not lack of emotions. It is an understanding of emotions.

When we say "I don't know what I should do", very often we mean "I don't know if what I want to do will work!"

Apologize for your actions. But not for who you are.

You know who are devastated by the crypto crash? Those who invested driven by FOMO.

Interviewers who keep their camera off during a video interview, have a special place reserved for them in hell.

Most managers suck at managing their team, because they suck at managing their own selves.

When we say "I am confused", mostly what we mean to say is "I am scared to make the choice I think I should."

Take your time to answer. Take your time to question. Take your time to think. Take your time! Speed doesn't mean smartness.

Most young people are scared that they are already old.