quotes from ankur warikoo

You can be kind, while still being selfish.

If being nice to people supersedes being truthful to people, you are not an effective leader.

Do not mistake starting slow as starting small.

We feed off the feeling of progress. If you are struggling to find motivation, it’s most likely because you are struggling to feel progress.

Sometimes slowing down for the other person, saves a relationship!

The day we start taking ourselves too seriously, the world stops doing that!

It is baffling how many times we dismiss the right message because of the wrong messenger!

If you invest in something you don’t understand because others are doing it, it is not called investing. It is called FOMO!

Simplest way of building trust? Do what you say you will do! EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Build a culture where people are respected for what they do. Not what information they have access to.

Sometimes moving out saves the relationship you have with your parents.

It is amazing how much you can get to know about a person in just a 30-min interview, if all that you do is LISTEN and not evaluate!

The decision that will hurt you the most is not making one, while waiting to take the right one!

If you want to change your professional field, do not quit your job. Instead "date" other fields. Pick up courses, projects, internships, freelancing gigs. The financial cushion of your job will not put the pressure of a new field to be "the one" before you get to know it well.

Don't make your lack of preparation as an excuse to not start!

The courage to share what you know isn’t about what you know. It is about how you feel about yourself.

“Now you know how it feels” is almost always the worst way to show people where they went wrong.

Money will become even more important in your head, if you hate your job!

Do not confuse calm people as those lacking fire!

Made it to top college. Or didn't. Got a job. Or not. Got married. Or not. To the world, our life is just multiple events of success and failure. To us, our life is what happens between those events.