quotes from ankur warikoo

If you feel compelled to keep the world perpetually in awe of you or your life, then they own your life!

I get the most replies to my newsletter whenever there is a typo in there. This isn't true for just newsletters. This is true for life!

You are in the wrong career if the only reason you are in it is your salary.

Ever wondered how much of what you call success was never defined by you? Instead, imposed on you?

Courage is possibly the most important quality of all. Courage not so much to win, but courage to be okay even if you don't win!

The best way to fund your startup is through the customer’s money. Also the hardest!

Just because you are unhappy in your job, don't be stupid and quit. But don't be stupid and stay! Work nights and weekends to find another. Make that your job!

One of the worst parenting acts that I see in India is scolding and hitting the ground when the child falls. Think of the message the child receives!

If you didn't say it earlier, don't say it during your exit interview.

The biggest roadblock to learning is ego!

Execution brings focus. Focus silences noise.

The biggest sign of toxic people: They make you feel bad for you who are!

Scared of public speaking? Think of who you will be, if you overcome this fear! Scared of committing? Think of who you will be, if you overcome this fear! Scared of quitting? Think of who you will be, if you overcome this fear! Behind every fear, is a person you want to be.

Stop measuring the success of your outcome, by the attention it gets.

Do not choose the person you learn from. Choose what you learn from them.

Once you succeed, people see only success. If you fail, they see only failure. They don’t see the journey. Only you do. It is on this journey, that your life was lived!

If you are currently working and financial stability is important, please do not quit to startup. Start on the side. Work nights and weekends. Irrational optimism is a founder's death trap!

When you are young, only take a job that provides you with a strong learning curve and strong training. First jobs are foundational. Don’t take a job just because it seems prestigious.

Your true friends are those who are TRULY happy for your when you succeed. Be that true friend for others.

Most of life's problems are a result of our inability to have an honest and objective conversation with our own selves.