quotes from ankur warikoo

Failure doesn't exist.

Those who show that they don’t need help, have it the hardest.

Those who show that they don’t need help, have it the hardest.

We procrastinate not out of laziness, but out of fear.

Don't do it because it makes you happy. Do it, because you are happy!

Nothing flows out of an empty cup.

You can't buy back time. You can only trade it for something else.

The most dangerous thing you can do as a leader is force progress.

If you aren't willing to listen to feedback, you aren't ready to build!

Change is never easy. But it's never impossible.

Do not start this year by feeling 'this year is a make or break year for me.' You can do without the pressure!

The best thing a parent can give their kids isn't money or knowledge or manners or shelter or even love. It is encouragement.

Don't pretend to be someone else. Be yourself and then ask, who all does this appeal to?

If you are not having fun while doing it, people will see through it.

We own the screen we own. Not the other way around!

True respect is when you respect someone even after you've got to know them.

The best form of content is not you in action, rather you in reflection.

These two things make up for 99% of where we end up in life and how:
- Parents we were born to
- Partner we decided to live life with

There will be struggle in trying to live with the world, by its rules. And there will be struggle in trying to build your own world and your own rules.
You get to choose your struggle.

Ask, because you deserve it, not because you desire it!