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(A 90-min Time Management course where I share 3 concepts on time, that will COMPLETELY CHANGE the way you manage your time. )

One of my most popular courses, with over 57,000+ purchases. You get unlimited-lifetime-access to the 90min course, upon purchase.

In these 90 mins, I share with you how I manage my time and introduce to you 3 powerful concepts around time that help you manage it effectively.

What You’ll Get Inside this Course:

  • 3 core ideas that will completely change the way you look at time.
  • How to stop feeling guilty about wasted time and start using it wisely
  • A sneak-peek into how I, Ankur Warikoo, manage my own time 
  • Find out the value of your time
  • A 10-day exercise to find out how you manage your time right now and how to change it, to be more productive
  • PDF notes, for ready use

Who is this course for?

If you are:
  • Someone who ends up wasting hours on social media, only to regret it later on.
  • An expert in procrastination and can only get work done at the last minute.
  • Unhappy about how much time you have already wasted in life doing stupid random things.
  • Incapable of saying no to people and end up working multiple shifts.
Then this 90-min Time Management Course will help you figure HOW to take charge of your time.

Speak With Your Mentor: Ankur Warikoo

6 LIVE Interactions in next 6 Months + Free Access to Future Live Session Recordings Let Ankur Warikoo answer your biggest and smallest ‘Time Management’ Challenges/Doubts/Questions
  • 6 LIVE Interactive Group Sessions, once every month LIVE with Ankur Warikoo
  • Not sure where to focus first? Ask Ankur directly
  • Need help applying a lesson to a unique situation in your life? Seek Guidance from Ankur himself;

How is this course different from the thousands of other Time Management courses?

  • It comes from a practitioner – someone who has managed his time well and effectively over years and has a repository of experiences to share.
  • It is original content – you won’t find this in any book, in any video. It is the stuff that I share from my personal journey, most of which has never been shared before.
  • It will give you a framework to understand your time. A framework that you can use for yourself and customize it to your needs.

Meet Your Coach, Guide, and Mentor

Ankur Warikoo

Hi! I’m Ankur Warikoo. And thanks for taking an interest in reading about me!

I call myself a Productivity Geek because I am obsessed with systems, planning, and smart work. In my career, I have been fortunate enough to experience multiple things like starting up, making it grow to $100Mn in annual sales, building a personal brand with 3 Mn+ followers, investing in startups, acting as a mentor and advisor to founders, speaking at leading colleges and organizations, being featured on the list of ‘Fortune 40 under 40’. I attribute much of these experiences to how I run my day, every day. I attribute much of these experiences to how I run my day, every day. While most of us feel lost and feel like we are wasting time, I have, over the past 20 years, built a wonderful relationship with time. Every single day, I am able to: 1. Meditate 2. Read books 3. Practice singing 4. Work out 5. Write a blog 6. Create videos for YouTube and Instagram 7. Connect with founders 8. Spend time with 18-30yr olds, sharing my experience with them 9. Speak at leading events and organization 10. Conduct online courses

I know, you are likely to think, “Oh you have made your money. So it’s easy for you to do all of these things now.”

The truth is – I was like this, even back in school.

I used to maintain a record of where I spent my time, every hour!

Because I realized, if I do not know how to manage my time, I will never be able to manage anything else!

In this course, I share how I look at the time, manage it and help you do the same.

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100% Money-Back Guarantee: If at all you are unhappy with this course, you can cancel anytime Before the 1st LIVE Session or After the 6th LIVE Session.NO awkward questions! Reach out to: & your money will be refunded. It’s that simple!


What inspired, Ankur Warikoo to add the Monthly LIVE sessions as part of the course?

Pre-recorded 90 minute course content is great because it allows the student to learn at their own pace. However, during that learning phase, any clarifications or questions that may arise are often left unanswered.

Which is where live sessions come in. These sessions build ON TOP of the recorded content so that students can come with their questions and learn from the questions of others in the LIVE session.

Will the recording of the LIVE session be available with Lifetime Access?

Yes – all these live sessions will be available for a lifetime, as recorded content to all students buying at ?599

Will old students have to pay extra for the 6 LIVE sessions with Ankur Warikoo?

No. This is an upgrade to the existing course and existing students will get access to the 6 LIVE session for FREE.

When will the 6 LIVE sessions be held?

The 6 LIVE Online Interactive Sessions with Ankur Warikoo will be held once every month

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