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A 16-hour course comprising 8 chapters (or modules) where I take the audience all the way from how to pick the right idea for your startup, to launching the first version of your product and everything in between.

Contents of the 8-chapter Complete Guide to Starting Up

Chapter 1: How to shortlist a bunch of startup ideas?
1hr 41mins
How to shortlist 3-5 ideas from the dozens of ideas out there.

Chapter 2: How to pick the right startup idea?
1hr 40mins
How to pick the 1 idea to work upon, from the 3-5 ideas you have shortlisted.

Chapter 3: Finding your cofounder and the founding team
1hr 32mins
What to look for in your cofounder (or whether you should have one) and the founding team.

Chapter 4: Basics of founder equity and ESOPs
1hr 48mins
How to split equity between your cofounder and yourself. And how do ESOPs actually work.

Chapter 5: Basics of fund raising
1hr 57mins
Whether to raise funds, how to determine valuation, determining how much to raise and shattering myths around fund raising.

Chapter 6: Planning and building your product’s first version
1hr 48mins
What does MVP (Minimal Viable Product) mean and how to go about building one.

Chapter 7: Pricing your product
1hr 46mins
How to price your MVP when you first release your product.

Chapter 8: Releasing your product and getting the first customers
1hr 34mins
How to get your first 1,000 customers, find product-market-fit and pivot, if you have to.