About the eBook

Everyone fails.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Everyone falters.

But we always look at the end of the outcome of people’s journey. Rarely recognizing what got them there.

Through this eBook, I want to share my mistakes, that shaped up who I am today. I hope in sharing them with you, it gives you hope, it comforts you and it makes you realize that you are not alone.

I will not get tired praising Shreya, for the sheer awesomeness of her art.
When I look at this book, I find myself saying, “Are these my words?”
Because she lends a soul to my words.

Thank you for your art, Shreya. I remain in awe!

Reviews for “Mistakes I Made In My 20s”

Awestruck by this eBook. Nobody will tell you such things better than Ankur. This is the reality that even some successful people and our elders, don’t care to tell us.

This is the best thing on the internet today! Thank you for posting this!

Deeksha Rajput

Never have I invested 5 minutes in something better. Loved reading all of it. Thanks to a friend who shared snippets of this beautiful piece! Lovely.

Every word of this book says 1000 other words. Such content is what that world needs.
Please never stop writing Ankur. Big fan sir big fan :-):-)
Manan Khemka

Turned 21 this July. Most relatable thing in the post – money buys you freedom.
Yukti Pandey

About the authors

Shreya Shah is Design Leader and Strategist on weekdays; Illustrator and Visual Storyteller on weekends. In her words, The journey of co-creating these e-books for Ankur felt like a step in the right direction to find that sweet spot between what I’m alright at and what I love to do.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor and investor. He writes a thread every Friday on twitter, one of which converted into this eBook.

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