Mistakes I made in my 30’s


About the eBook


This eBook is a result of a well-received Twitter thread about mistakes I made in my 30’s – the decade where I grew the most as well as made some mega mistakes.

The words are mine, and visuals are by Shreya, who is a magician capturing the emotions behind my words. 






Reviews for “Mistakes I made in my 30’s”

So honest! I wouldn’t have the guts to put out all of it if that happened with me.

A very beautiful and honest thread I’ve come across after so many years.

This is fantastic, thank you. Just putting it out here, would be great to connect with you.
Dev Bhatia

Beautiful thread, Ankur! Made my day. Could relate to so many of them!
Prateek Hakay

About the Authors

Shreya Shah is Design Leader and Strategist on weekdays; Illustrator and Visual Storyteller on weekends. In her words, The journey of co-creating these e-books for Ankur felt like a step in the right direction to find that sweet spot between what I’m alright at and what I love to do.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor and investor. He writes a thread every Friday on twitter, one of which converted into this eBook.