Mistakes I made with Money

About the eBook

Mistakes I made with my money

The illustrated eBook comes from a Twitter thread I shared in August 2020. As I reflected upon my life, it was evident that the biggest mistakes that I had made were with my money. And these were completely avoidable mistakes, had I cared to think deeply and be aware of my blind spots.

Irrespective of how old you are, it is never too late to respect money for what it is worth. Today at 40 I have gained my financial freedom and it is a privilege.

Reviews for “Mistakes I made with Money”

Ankur you are a gem! There is nothing quite like wisdom acquired while you falter, and thanks for putting them out for the world. I was feeling kind of lost with my finances, so this really helps me!
Sharath S

Kudos, Senpai! It reminds me of one of my favorite books’.

It’s such a nice thread about money. Thanks for guiding us!

Ankur, I hate you!
Hate you as we had faced similar problems (probably everybody else did) and you learned from them, I am still learning, especially from your threads.

At the same time, I Love You!
From the core of my heart as you are doing yeoman’s service for youngsters.
Amit Manglani

About the Authors

Shreya Shah is a Design Leader and Strategist on weekdays; and an Illustrator and Visual Storyteller on weekends. In her words, the journey of co-creating these e-books for Ankur felt like a step in the right direction to find that sweet spot between what she’s alright at and what she loves to do.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor and investor. He writes a thread every Friday on Twitter, one of which converted into this eBook.

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