About the eBook

This ebook emerged from a twitter thread I wrote in May 2020, which was appreciated, shared and celebrated beyond I imagined it would be.

Encouraged by the response, I worked with Shreya to convert this into a shareable book as a quick read and a daily reminder of how critical and how hard leadership is.

While the words are mine, the true soul has been lent by Shreya for which I am deeply thankful.

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Reviews for “A Thread on Leadership”

This is gold dust. So many gems that we always knew, yet never were aware!

Wow! A Primer on Leadership beautifully compiled.

This is very on point with what is needed today…
Roby John

Loved each of the data points. Can definitely pick a few and implement that.

About the Authors

Shreya Shah is Design Leader and Strategist on weekdays; Illustrator and Visual Storyteller on weekends. In her words, The journey of co-creating these e-books for Ankur felt like a step in the right direction to find that sweet spot between what I’m alright at and what I love to do.

Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, public speaker, mentor and investor. He writes a thread every Friday on twitter, one of which converted into this eBook.

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